Townsville Agistment

Horse Agistment and Quality Stables


While your horse is at Townsville Agistment, we are able to offer you the choice of four levels of service.

You receive a stable, paddock, lockable feed storage area within the stable building, use of round yard, wash down area, 24 hour access, overhead lighting, spotlight on walkway to stables, use of ceiling fans, brooms, rakes, wheelbarrows, plastic buckets and manure pick up equipment supplied for your use. In addition, the communal concrete walkway in stables and store rooms will be swept daily by Townsville Agistment staff. All property maintenance and repairs will be conducted by Townsville Agistment.
Price includes all of the services described in Basic Agistment Package, plus if you supply all food, food buckets, food storage containers, Townsville Agistment Staff will clean your stable and paddock daily. This includes removing and disposing of manure, loose hay.
You get all of Basic Agistment Package, plus we will feed your horse morning and night for you, clean your stable daily, clean your paddock daily, clean your water trough daily, supply food buckets, food storage containers all you have to do is supply all food and medication, rugs, halter, ropes.
You get all of Basic Agistment Package, plus you can choose what services you require from us and we will work out and individual pricing structure.

These extra services are for individual requests and will be billed to your account at the end of the month.
  • Cleaning of stable We will pick up all horse manure and loose hay, remove to dump area, and rake ground surface.
  • Cleaning of paddock We will pick up all horse manure and loose hay, remove to dump area, and rake ground surface.
  • Feeding your horse We will mix up a feed to your specifications written in your folder and give to your horse in stable or paddock depending on your direction.
  • Rugging a horse We will put on or take off a rug on your horse and fold up and put back in your stable of tack area
  • Moving horse We will put halter on your horse and move horse to paddock or back to stable
  • Medication We will follow directions given by your vet or you, this covers application of sprays, ointments, creams or similar.
  • Worm your horse We will administer the worming paste, supplied by you
  • Wash your horse We will wash your horse, you supply shampoo and brushes, medication if washing for rain scald.
  • Cleaning up after If we have to clean up after your ferrier, vet or dentist if they have left a mess.
  • Buying of food If we have to organise buying food, either ringing, ordering, and getting the feed delivered and putting into your feed area. Or drive to Produce Store and pick up.
  • Extra Sand in stable Where we have to either top up your stable with sand from usage or you request to have sand put in your stable. This included using bob cat to dig out stable floor down 10 cm and putting in 3.5 cubic meters of sand into stable and spread out evenly.


  • Agistment prices start from $210 per month.
  • Additional services are charged at various rates and are negotiable.
  • Payments by EFT or cash.
  • Invoices monthly on a 7 day account.
  • Contact us for a quote.

Additional Services

We also offer some extra services on request (at an additional cost)
  • We are able to feed your horse for you, on a regular basis or just when you need it. We keep maintenance records so you can monitor when your horse has been fed.
  • We can monitor your horse’s water and scrub/clean out troughs.
  • We are able to transfer your horse from his/her stable to paddock and vice versa.
  • We can harrow (remove manure) paddocks and stables.
  • If necessary, we can administer medication (e.g. worming medications) to your horse.
  • If you wish, we can groom your horse too.
Should there be any other service you require, just ask! I’m sure we can help.
Please note, for the safety of your horse, when a severe storm or cyclonic conditions are imminent all horses will be moved back into the stables.